MyDoom question

Chris Kissinger chrisk at OS-IT.NET
Tue Jan 27 18:32:27 GMT 2004

Like all the other "Silent" viruses from addresses are spoofed. Whoever
called may just need a clue, tell them to give you the full header
information and you can see if it did indeed go through your server or not.


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So far our MailScanner has caught these virues from entering.  I got a
phone call saying that they got a email from us user at with
the virus.  Also the user that it was sent from doesn't exist within the
company. Does that mean that someone is using my server as a relay?

Virus Count
W32/MyDoom-A 167
W32/Klez-H 8
W32/Gibe-F 6
W32/Mimail-A 2
Troj/Sefex-A 2
W32/Bagle-A 2
W32/Mimail-I 1
W32/Bugbear-B 1

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