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Tue Jan 27 17:10:18 GMT 2004

Erik Jakobsen wrote:

> Julian Field wrote:
>> Half the point of MailScanner is that you only need the command-line "on
>> demand" scanner, you don't need anything more fancy than that.
> Thanks for the reply. How do I make the "on demand" ?.

eg. in  /etc/MailScanner/MailScanner.conf
Virus Scanners = antivir

MailScanner starts antivir for scanning = on-demand

in short words:
on access (daemon) = every file you or the os (operatingsystem)
opens/access will be scanned
on demand (command-line) = explicit start for scanning  a file

>>> *************************************************************************
>>> You downloaded the Linux Workstation product. This provides an
>>> "on-access" scanner and a command-line "on-demand" scanner. If you want
>>> the command-line scanner to scan your emails, you will need to
>>> configure
>>> your Clarkconnect Server to call the antivir binary for each mail.
>>> (I am
>>> unfamiliar with the Clarkconnect Server, so I cannot offer any help
>>> here).
>>> We also have MailGate available to private use. This runs as a mail
>>> proxy to scan all incoming and outgoing email.
>>> *************************************************************************


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