I need to tweak filename rules

Chris Yuzik chris at FRACTALWEB.COM
Tue Jan 27 07:40:59 GMT 2004

Frank C. Brants wrote:

> Just my HO, but I would "tweak" the user before tweaking the rule - tell
> him to use dashes.

Hi Franko,

Well, sure. But it's not one of my users. This is the human resources
department that regularly receives emailed resumes from people. I can't
tell you how many people use multiple dots within their filenames.

Here's a thought...how difficult would it be to have MailScanner (or
something) convert extra dots in filenames to underscores?

For example, I would like it to convert:
1. "resume.xy.doc" to "resume_xy.doc"
2. "draft.annual.report.pages1to25.red.doc" to
3. "2004.quarterly.report.review.xls" to "2004_quarterly_report_review.xls"

This could also have the added benefit of "disarming" some nasties...or not?



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