Announce: MailScanner-MRTG version 0.07 released

Kevin Spicer kevin at KEVINSPICER.CO.UK
Tue Jan 27 00:57:00 GMT 2004

On Tue, 2004-01-27 at 00:45, A. Eijkhoudt wrote:
> Hello Kevin,
> Thanks for the new version; I've been using MailScanner-MRTG for a long time
> and I love it.
> I just installed the new 0.07, but I keep getting this error:
> <SNIP>
> ERROR: iptraffic counters not fully initialised
>         No iptraffic data on this run
> </SNIP>

It could be a few things.  If you get it just once then it is normal
(the iptraffic counters now work on the difference between two runs, so
you don't get data until the second run).

If you keep getting it then....

I presume you are running ucd-snmp not net-snmp (if you are running
net-snmp then upgrade to v0.07.01 which is on the site now).

If your cpu and memory stats are okay this indicates the snmp stuff is
working so it is most likely one of the following

Make sure that the /var/www/mailscanner-mrtg/ file is being
updated (check the timestamp).

Make sure that you have specified the correct interfaces to monitor in
the config file

Kevin Spicer (kevin AT kevinspicer DOT co DOT uk)

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