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Peter Bonivart peter at UCGBOOK.COM
Mon Jan 26 23:20:18 GMT 2004

Kevin Spicer wrote:
> You obviously don't have an A1000 disk array - they have a battery which
> has to be replaced every two years and the engineer insists on powering
> down the machine to do it (and then resetting the counter to turn out
> the bad battery light!).

They are instructed to power off the array because there's a microscopic
chance that the battery will explode, you know how it is in America. ;-)
It's really OK to change it with the power on but your cache is of
course not protected if your power should fail during the 10 seconds it
takes to switch the battery. The engineers are usually flexible when it
comes to schedule a routine task like that but if it bothers you that
they power down the array, ask them not to.

You can reset the battery age at any time with "raidutil -c device -R".

> I have mixed feelings about Solaris, partly because we are still mostly
> running 2.6 for historic reasons, and partly because of old hardware
> which isn't as snappy as the more recent intel boxes I do most work on.
> I have to say though that Sun engineers are probably the best hardware
> engineers of any supplier we use.  [Unlike a certain well known supplier
> of Intel boxes who regularly sends us engineers who have never seen the
> hardware we have before, and have to ask us how to open the case!]

You could buy the V60x and V65x Intel-based servers, priced as Dell but
you get the same fine service. Soon you will have AMD64 servers also. :-)

Now I'm totally off-topic so I should stop here.

/Peter Bonivart

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