Announce: MailScanner-MRTG version 0.07 released

Kevin Spicer kevin at KEVINSPICER.CO.UK
Mon Jan 26 22:07:54 GMT 2004

Version 0.07 of MailScanner-MRTG is now available for download from for more details read on

This release represents some substantial changes from the previous
versions.  There are intended to improve the speed of processing, the
accuracy of output.  The previous dependency on sar (from the sysstat
package) has been removed (due to its poor portability and not very
accurate output - due to the way we were using it).  For all graphs to
work the ucd-snmp or net-snmp packages are now needed (users concerned
about security should ensure the snmpd daemon binds only to the loopback
interface or filter the port on the external interfaces using iptables
or similar).

0.07 Also includes new Spam/Virus Ratio and Files in Quarantine graphs,
as well as improvements in the smoothness of the Load Average and Bytes
of Mail graphs, a more understandable IP traffic graph and a change in
the colour scheme for the graphs to make them more readable.

Users who install from the tarfile can now use the supplied
to quickly and easily install/upgrade (run --help for more

POD Documentation / man page has also been added.

Those upgrading from one of the development snapshots should delete the
/var/www/html/mailscanner-mrtg/ file before upgrading.

Kevin Spicer (kevin AT kevinspicer DOT co DOT uk)

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