ANNOUNCE: Unstable 4.26.5 released

Furnish, Trever G TGFurnish at HERFF-JONES.COM
Mon Jan 26 22:05:33 GMT 2004

The custom logging function I posted this summer wrote what you're asking
for to log files - it was just a rip-off of the sql logging code that wrote
to flat files instead.  I haven't updated the code since then, but writing a
logging function that logs just what you care about shouldn't be too
difficult for ya.

But IMHO you really will be better off logging to a sql database instead.
MailWatch is nice.  And immediately after I got flat-file detailed logging
working, I switched to MailWatch. :-)  I might be able to fish out the
custom logging functions I wrote, or you can write your own, or you can find
them on the list archives probably with lots of others - but no guarantee
what I wrote works reliably.

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> From: Ken Anderson [mailto:ka at PACIFIC.NET]
> Sent: Friday, January 23, 2004 6:26 PM
> Subject: Re: ANNOUNCE: Unstable 4.26.5 released
> The script that processes the log would be entirely separate from
> MailScanner of course, like antivirus updates, generating
> whitelists etc.
> I think I'm just talking about a patch to the logging that MS already
> does to log recipient, subject and msg id for low scoring spam to
> support this. I'll post it for others if I get it working. I haven't
> looked at the code yet, so I'm not sure those things are even
> available
> in that part of the process. If anyone else has already done this,
> please chime in.
> Thanks,
> Ken Anderson
> Peter Bonivart wrote:
> > Ken Anderson wrote:
> >
> >> The notify function is probably not appropriate for this,
> but it got me
> >> thinking again that it would be nice to have a daily email
> sent to users
> >> who can scan a list of emails that MailScanner has quarantined.
> >
> >
> > In my humble opinion, MS is a real-time system. All kinds
> of summaries
> > are better done with other tools, like MailWatch for
> example. Shouldn't
> > be too hard to do your own script either, if you ask on the
> list someone
> > probably will share an already existing one.
> >
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