Razor stopped working

Max Kipness mkipness at GENIANT.COM
Mon Jan 26 16:50:58 GMT 2004

I installed Razor2 yesterday as soon as I finished I could see
referenced to it in the logs under SpamAssassin. However, today for some
reason, if I grep the logs, I see no reference what so ever.
SpamAssassin is still present under many messages in the log. Is there
some way to restart Razor? I didn't think so. I also ran the test with
SpamAssassin in debug mode, and it states that it finds Razor2.
Any suggestions on this one?
Also, yesterday when it was working, there were many messages tagged
with SpamAssassin and Razor. It seemed like every single message that
had Razor attached had the same thing, RAZOR2_CF_RANGE_91_100 1.21,
RAZOR2_CHECK 0.88. Is this how it is supposed to work? It just adds 1.99
points to a message that it detects? Or am I missing something?

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