Remove Bounce Option?

Holger Gebhard gebhard at EPOST.DE
Mon Jan 26 11:32:14 GMT 2004

Hi Julian,
hi Group,

i don´t think its a good feature to remove the bounce option...

For Example a popular and often used Mailadress, sales at, or
vertrieb at naturally receive many Spammails...

With MailScanner V4.26 the reciptient must read thousands of "short text
notification messages" to see whether one Message is falsely trapped as

I think it´s a better way to send a notification (Bounce) to the Sender (I
know that mostly all Spammers fake their Mailadresses).

When the Sender realy want to send a Message to a protected Reciptient, he
will send a reply to the Bounce Message (to Admin), or send a new one to
the Recipient.

In my Company there are many "Novice" Users...
With the Bounce Option the Users only sometimes ask me why a Message is
being blocked.
But when I use the notify Reciptient option, the Users will always ask me
about every Notification Message... "It could be an important message"

So please don´t remove the Bounce Option!!!!

One another Question...

Is it posible to add the "RBL-List Name" where a the Message was trapped to
the Spamreport.



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