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Mon Jan 26 10:12:20 GMT 2004

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Subject:        Bug#229735: Undeliverable bounces due to content are staying
in the mqueue.in
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Package: mailscanner
Version: 4.25.14-2

After running Mailscanner against sendmail for a while, I noticed that the
messages that were being bounced because of their content and were
undeliverable ("Connection refused by host") were not being placed in the
mqueue, but were being held still in the mqueue.in, causing Mailscanner to
report 250 messages waiting in the queue (or similar), and probably
re-scanning the message every time it attempted to deliver the message.

Any thoughts? :)

I am running perl v5.8.2, on Linux 2.4.24 and using the unstable branch for


Chris Murton
Mail: chris at areti.net, Tel: +44 (0)20-8315-5800
Areti Internet Ltd, http://www.areti.net

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