Manually test RBL?

Max Kipness mkipness at GENIANT.COM
Sun Jan 25 15:11:53 GMT 2004

I've got two severs set with MailScanner and using the RBL
One one server spamcop works great and seems to tag more spam than any
other RBL, but on the other server (in a different network/location),
spamcop is not getting one hit and the logs show that it times out every
time. This is a client's site and this server has a Pix firewall and
ICMP turned off both ways. I don't think this makes a difference though.
Is there anyway from the command line to test connectivity with spamcop?
Or does anybody have an idea why this might be happening?
On the RBL line in SpamScanner, spamcop is listed as '' on
both servers. Oh, and the problem server is working with spamhaus
although it times out once in a while.

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