Mailscanner getting bypassed and Sendmail still delivering mail.

Jim Van Etten jvane at INVITATION.ORG
Sat Jan 24 23:36:24 GMT 2004

I am not sure what it was but I have upgraded to Redhat Enterprise
Version 3 and everything is working great. now.

Daniel Kleinsinger wrote:

> Is it possible you have a backup mx host that's somehow bypassing your
> MailScanner installation?  I guess some setups allow backup mxs to
> deliver directly to user mailboxes and if there's no MS on the backup
> then the emails don't get scanned.  Spammers often deliver to backup
> mxs, even when the primary mx is up, for just that reason.
> Daniel
> Jim VanEtten wrote:
>> Red Hat Enterprise Linux ES release 2.1 (Panama)
>> Perl version 5.6.1 built for i386-linux
>> MailScanner version 4.25-14
>> SpamAssassin version :  None yet
>> New RPM install
>> Step 1: I have tested sendmail and it works
>> Step 2: I installed Mailscanner and started it up. There are no errors
>> in the log file. Email still gets delivered via sendmail as if
>> Mailscanner was not there. There are no header files for MailScanner.
>> I have installed Mailscanner successfully on Fedora core 1 and Redhat
>> 7.0 with no problems. Can someone help me out with what I could be doing
>> wrong.
>> Thanks
>> Jim

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