ANNOUNCE: Unstable 4.26.5 released

Julian Field mailscanner at
Sat Jan 24 15:33:48 GMT 2004

At 22:11 23/01/2004, you wrote:
Also an important note from the Change Log Julian left out:

>- Added my "wish list" to the donations page.


I am planning on releasing 4.26 stable next weekend.
If there are any requests which I haven't already responded to, or
extras/changes that you would like to see, please tell me now, not at the
end of the week :)
Also, if you could test out the new features in 4.26 before then, that
would really help. Everything should be okay except this one, which I have
just fixed:
* If you have LogSpam=no and LogNonSpam=yes, then spam will still be logged.

Any other obvious bugs I should know about?
Julian Field
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