IPBlock cronjob doesn't clear blocked IP's in 4.25-14

Julian Field mailscanner at ecs.soton.ac.uk
Sat Jan 24 10:51:20 GMT 2004

The block removal is done by the cron job.
Please can you diff the old cron job (that works) and the new one (that
doesn't) to see if there are any differences.

At 22:49 23/01/2004, you wrote:
>After upgrading one of my mail servers to 4.25-14 and enabling IPBlock I
>have noticed that blocked IP addresses are not being cleared from sendmails
>When I run makemap on the IPBlock.db file I can see the IP being removed
>after the cronjob runs.
>I use deny.db rather than access.db.
>I changed the IPBlock.pl cron to,
>         my $AccessDB     = '/etc/mail/deny.db';
>As well, I modified the CustomConfig.pm file to,
>         my $AccessDB       = '/etc/mail/deny.db';
>After the cronjob runs I can see that the deny.db has been altered by the
>date change, but the offending IP is still in the deny.db file.  If I run
>makemap manually on the deny database the IP address is once again allowed
>to relay.
>I have another server that runs 4.24-5, although quite a different set-up it
>works flawless using the deny.db.
>Any ideas what I may have missed?

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