IPBlock cronjob doesn't clear blocked IP's in 4.25-14

Dan Williamson danw at NORCOMCABLE.CA
Fri Jan 23 22:49:30 GMT 2004

After upgrading one of my mail servers to 4.25-14 and enabling IPBlock I
have noticed that blocked IP addresses are not being cleared from sendmails

When I run makemap on the IPBlock.db file I can see the IP being removed
after the cronjob runs.

I use deny.db rather than access.db.

I changed the IPBlock.pl cron to,
        my $AccessDB     = '/etc/mail/deny.db';
As well, I modified the CustomConfig.pm file to,
        my $AccessDB       = '/etc/mail/deny.db';

After the cronjob runs I can see that the deny.db has been altered by the
date change, but the offending IP is still in the deny.db file.  If I run
makemap manually on the deny database the IP address is once again allowed
to relay.

I have another server that runs 4.24-5, although quite a different set-up it
works flawless using the deny.db.

Any ideas what I may have missed?


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