Your MailScanner stats

Raymond Dijkxhoorn raymond at PROLOCATION.NET
Fri Jan 23 12:23:25 GMT 2004


> > You could disable the to disk logging, and also limit the exim remote
> > stuff, max session per host and so on. but i guess you allready do
> > that.

> As I said, I doubt if Exim is eating much resources for me. None of the
> boxes do any local deliveries, they forward the mail to dedicated
> servers to do that. I also have a different server to send mail
> But I'll look into limiting the amount of disk logging.

Your system is eating resources, the syslogging...

> > DNS server also seperate, for those 4 servers ?
> If you mean do I run a caching server on all the machines, the answer is
> no. It's a dedicated DNS server not very far away.

You might consider running a local dns on the boxes itself also.

> By the way... In your first reply you said I should be able to process
> two to three times the total load on a single box. Now, each of my five
> boxes receive 80 000 messages, and I can process 12 000 messages an
> hour, that means I can actually go through almost 290 000 messages in 24
> hours. Is this what your meant about being able to process more messages
> than I do now, or did I misunderstand again?

We process around 700.000 messages in peaks on a simmilar box, daily. With
sendmail running there, Exim should be able to do even more... so 4 x
700.000 in your setup should be do'able i think. Thats also depending on
message size but as i see, you only RBL check with one RBL, do you have
that one on your local server ? You might cut down lookup time with
running it locally... If possible.

Where you see your current limits? Do you run something like Orca to
collect system stats ? If not have a look at that, very handy.


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