MS not deleting spam

Ugo Bellavance ugob at CAMO-ROUTE.COM
Thu Jan 22 22:35:38 GMT 2004

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> Objet : MS not deleting spam
> I never could get MailScanner-4.25-14 working.  I spent days wading
> through conflicting docs, disorganized FAQ's and searches in archives
> that just don't seen to find or work right.

You should have written us sooner then... that's our job :)

>  Most of the problems 'I
> think' were install issues.  I'm not too good at the technical issues
> but I sure could straighten out some of the docs with crummy info, so
> that may be were I could plug in.

> In any event, I decided to try the openprotect package and it 
> went right
> in in minutes and started as advertised.  I made more progress in five
> minutes then the last five days.
> So now I'm at the debug stage and hardly know were to begin.  It looks
> like about half of the spams (real rough est.) are getting blocked
> successfully.  About half are getting through with the tag in the
> subject line with:
> Subject:  {Spam?} Be your own boss tapir
> How do I get the rest of these mails to not go to the 
> clients?  They are
> apparently successfully being recognized as spam.

What is apparently your problem is that you didin't realize that there were 2 settings for spam:

High Scoring Spam Actions 


Spam Actions

-What probably happens here is that your Spam Actions  is set to deliver and High Scoring is set to delete

Set both to store delete or just delete if you don't want to store them.

> Are there any other good known things to be implemented to get a good
> starting base for spam filtering?

Probably install Razor, DCC, Pyzor, which is pretty straightforward, then maybe check for special spamassassin rules...

> Are all the default RBL entries built in, needed, and are there any
> others that should be added?

This is a personal thing.  Your setup is basically very good, so just stay tuned on this list to learn what is changing.  And maybe give a look at the threads about a few days ago.
> Finally, is there an 'after install' docs or mail archive 
> that addresses
> the potential after install buffing issues?

Hmm, this is the job list.  What happens is that mail hosting is such a complex thing and the setups vary so much from one person to the other, what usually happens is that one installs it, comes on the list for "after install buffing issues", then writes his own doc for his site.  At least that is what I've done.

Some people will write their own, very-compex rules, and some others will stay close to the default setup.  It all depends on your need.

> Thanks any help would be greatly appreciated.  I hope I didn't ask too
> many questions at once.....

That is ok.  But more importantly, stay subscribed to this list.
> joe
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