MS punishes my own modem pool

Daniel Kleinsinger danielk at AVALONPUB.COM
Thu Jan 22 22:24:59 GMT 2004

> >In your spam rules.. Whitelist your From your domain

>True.  Better than my idea.  Also check for the filename/filetype settings,
your users may get pissed   >off if you filter the .exe.

Actually, I think that whitelisting the IPs would be better than
whitelisting the domain because it's a common spammer tactic to send from
user at  Within MailScanner complete whitelisting is the only

However, the SpamAssassin blacklist checks are much more configurable.  If
you're interested in spam checking mail from your dialup users you could use
SA's blacklist checks and make use of the trusted_networks config option in
SpamAssassin.  That would still run the pattern matching type rules on local
dialup email, but disable network checks.


> > Julian,
> >
> > Here's a puzzle...  Our modem pool ( is listed on
> >, CBL,  Ok, good.  But if I
> > use "Spam List = SORBS-DNSBL" in MS, then all of my modem users get
> > their outbound email tagged with {Spam?} in the subject line, which
> > really annoys my users and makes me look like an idiot -- even if
> > they are doing the right thing and sending their email thru our
> > mail-hub. How to prevent this, yet still use SORBS, CBL, etc?
> >
> > Jeff Earickson
> > Colby College
> >

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