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>What filter would take care of this?

I have put the following in my local cf-file:
|## Chris Petersen Rules
|## 01-09-04
|## v1.1
|## I've noticed that a lot of spams recently have been following the random-words technique,
|## with very little "spam" content - often just an image or some obfuscated text.  Has anyone
|## given any thought to writing up a rule that detects a LACK of punctuation, or a lack of
|## short words like a/and/the?  It'd be easy for spammers to get around, but at least it would
|## keep them out of inboxes for awhile.
|rawbody  CP_RANDOMWORD_10 /(?:\b(?!(?:from|even|more|were|with)\b)[a-z]{4,12}\s+){10}/
|describe CP_RANDOMWORD_10       string of 10+ random words
|score    CP_RANDOMWORD_10       0.5
|rawbody  CP_RANDOMWORD_15 /(?:\b(?!(?:from|even|more|were|with)\b)[a-z]{4,12}\s+){15}/
|describe CP_RANDOMWORD_15       string of 15+ random words
|score    CP_RANDOMWORD_15       2.5

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