Michele Neylon :: Blacknight Solutions michele at BLACKNIGHTSOLUTIONS.COM
Mon Jan 19 09:09:13 GMT 2004

> Lastly, I get a bunch of these text body mails:
> ucecx ldlmdeh djszrvp vphflvpyh utctkz lwnmy ftxmu
> fdodpur ypyced pydsdqeho yfbdhl- ypfoapf- sworudtew sagwngon loxkx qzderwd
> camnjcwr
> vxexbqasb, rdtgq zldvrcrh fctzx rarsf.
> zznhavso poxgr. uosuxfvdb vbdyq fzwntsti atdyr nomottvm inlpzlgf dkazd
> fxsowmz kevki ffnznyor cczmfwv
> swktch qfttob herbri chzddvvpq- ipaceshqg
The bigevil and some of the other SA extensions attempt to score this kind
of stuff higher, but from what I can see it's a very imperfect science. You
may need to rely on other methods to balance it off ie. using RBLs etc

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