feature request - FW: Just the notification for spam?

Dustin Baer dustin.baer at IHS.COM
Wed Jan 21 20:07:55 GMT 2004

"Furnish, Trever G" wrote:
> No one responded with any suggestions for how to accomplish this in
> mailscanner, so I'm assuming it's not yet possible.
> So I'm hoping this will be considered as a feature request. :-)
> New feature requested:
> A new "action", recipientnotify, that causes a notification message to be
> sent to the recipient instead of the original message.  The message file
> would need to support the common variable interpolations - $report, $from,

Doesn't this defeat the purpose of trying to stop people from having to
be annoyed by spam?  With your request, a person will get a message
(that they can filter) that tells them of quarantined spam, which seems
just as annoying as getting the spam in the first place.  Basically, you
want to substitute spam for

> Recipients can filter these into a folder and ignore them 99% of the time

If you modify the subjet to add {Spam?}, they can filter it anyway.
Letting them filter on something in the subject, would save them from
having to open the email, read who it is from (which should also be
displayed in their "spam" email folder), and then click a link.

Must be a VP requesting your "feature."


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