Managing MailScanner on multiple hosts

Raymond Dijkxhoorn raymond at PROLOCATION.NET
Wed Jan 21 18:18:32 GMT 2004


> What I would advise you to do is contact Steve.Swaney at about the
> "cluster" edition of their MailScanner-based products they will be
> producing soon. This will do everything you describe below, and more.
> It will cost you some $ but will save you enormous amounts of time (and
> hence money) compared to implementing an entire system yourself to achieve
> what you have described.

We also have a centralized solution for log parsing, supporting both Exim
and sendmail as MTA currently.

Also for example with centralized blocking of virus senders, and the
option to send mail to for example your abuse desk to let them know
you blocked someone :)

Its most likely different then the things Julian also posted but for us
its a pretty cool to work with.


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