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Hirsh, Joshua joshua.hirsh at PARTNERSOLUTIONS.CA
Wed Jan 21 03:23:36 GMT 2004

> Just wondering if people wouldn't mind sharing some stats
> of there box and how MailScanner runs.
> Like CPU, Memory, OS, Major MailScanner config options and
> how many emails you can handle in an hour.

Hey All,

 I don't have any pretty pictures available on the web, but here's some
quick stats:

 Data since July 24th, 2003 at 13:06:43 EST (180.4 days)
 Total messages:        4,130,702
 Spam received: 3,259,610 (!!)
 Valid messages:        1,366,250
 Messages /day: 22,897
 Removed files: 8,176
 Removed virii: 17,343
 Total data:    39.19 Gb
 Average size:  30.08 Kb

 I have a few domains on the server that have had a bad habit of listing
their entire company email directory on a webpage for the past seven years.
The email address format has changed recently, so I filter everything out
that doesn't match the proper format for their new addresses (ie: no period
in the email address? no dice. Thank god for firstname.lastname at domain!)

 Depending on the day, the one rule rejects between 20k to 30k definite spam
messages and lets on through around 1k of possible spam. I delete with a
score of 8+ and tag/deliver everything else.

 The server is a dual 933 P3 with 512M RAM running RHL9 (soon to be Tao
Linux, a free RHEL 3 clone). Average CPU load is between 20 to 40% during
peak hours.

 I've been meaning to fill out some of Julian's wish list, but haven't had
the chance just yet. Soon though, Julian, soon!


Joshua Hirsh
Partner Solutions Inc.
St-Hyacinthe, QC
PGP/GnuPG ID: 0xD12A3B59

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