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Tue Jan 20 22:17:34 GMT 2004


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Subject: [SA-Announce] SpamAssassin 2.63 is released!
Date: Tue, 20 Jan 2004 16:37:30 -0500
From: Theo Van Dinter <felicity at kluge.net>
To: Spamassassin List <spamassassin-talk at lists.sourceforge.net>,
Spamassassin Devel List <spamassassin-dev at incubator.apache.org>
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SpamAssassin is a mail filter which uses advanced statistical
and heuristic tests to identify spam (also known as unsolicited
commercial/bulk email).


Pick it up from:


md5sum of archive files:
fc5a8e69ef2355c30c7b71877ac58d57  Mail-SpamAssassin-2.63.tar.gz
215303794096bc66712381115adabb25  Mail-SpamAssassin-2.63.tar.bz2
4255080324987f336fa17773d3eeaa01  Mail-SpamAssassin-2.63.zip

sha1sum of archive files:
6bab68dfd6a5238fc84360ce08249657bed4bab3  Mail-SpamAssassin-2.63.tar.gz
558ab8e2cb95e8b4c4a3652b37e656eb3dc4d52c  Mail-SpamAssassin-2.63.tar.bz2
0288cd3669cafc3072d745c9c2efa916eb7ec3ca  Mail-SpamAssassin-2.63.zip

Or on CPAN shortly, once the mirrors update.

The release files also have a .asc accompanying them.  The file serves
as an external GPG signature for the given release file.  The signing
key is available via the wwwkeys.pgp.net keyserver, as well as

The key information is:

pub  1024D/265FA05B 2003-06-09 SpamAssassin Signing Key
<release at spamassassin.org>
      Key fingerprint =3D 26C9 00A4 6DD4 0CD5 AD24  F6D7 DEE0 1987 265F A05B

Summary of major changes since 2.62

   - Fixed bug related to perl 5.0 which stopped SpamAssassin from being
   - Fixed bug where "spamassassin -l" parameter wouldn't be untainted
before being used
   - Added caching of body rendering results so that the message wouldn't
     be rendered the same way multiple times unnecessarily.

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/Peter Bonivart

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