Sa-learn and MailScanner Subject Modification

Nathan Johanson nathan at TCPNETWORKS.NET
Tue Jan 20 19:56:35 GMT 2004

Thanks the quick response. A quick "man sed" got me going.
Sometimes I just need someone to point out the obvious (as it's not
always obvious to me).

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If you use a script to auto-learn a mailbox at one go (I have published
mine here several times), then you could easily use sed to remove the
subject tag before feeding the file to sa-learn.

At 18:19 20/01/2004, you wrote:
>Is there a simple way to ignore the spam tag in the subject header when
>manually learning spam? Or does it matter?
>I know that SpamAssassin ignores it's own markup and I'm familiar with
>using the  bayes_ignore_header directives for the MailScanner  headers,
>but am curious what to do about the spam subject modification. I
>I could reconfigure MailScanner to leave the the subject alone, but I
>prefer not to do this if possible. Any ideas or workarounds?

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