Customized spam actions.

Chris cwharris at MORGAN.NET
Tue Jan 20 16:21:46 GMT 2004

Just a quick question on this old topic...

if I setup a rules file that looks like this:

To: user1 at delete
To: default deliver

Will this make it so that everyone other than user1 at will still get
their spam?

Essentially, only user1 will notice anything has changed, right?


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Subject: Re: Customized spam actions.

> At 16:12 09/01/2004, you wrote:
> >Hi,
> >Is it possible to customize the spam actions by email or by domain ?
> Yes, using a ruleset. Please read /etc/MailScanner/rules/*
> >Example 1: The owner of the mailboxl user1 at wants that all its
> >messages marked as spam be bounced, but the owner of the mailbox
> >user2 at wants a deliver of its spam messages.
> To: user1 at bounce
> To: user2 at deliver
> >Example 2: I want the spam action delete for all the spam detected mails
> >delivered to the domain, but the action deliver for the domain
> >
> To: delete
> To: deliver
> >Is it possible ?
> >I know that it is possible for the virus scan especify which domains or
> >mailboxes will have its email messages scaned using a filename rules, but
> >it possible too for the spam maked messages ?
> Rulesets apply to virtually all configuration options, as given in the
> comment immediately before each configuration option.
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