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At 21:32 19/01/2004, you wrote:
>| At 21:20 19/01/2004, you wrote:
>| >|
>| >| MailScanner doesn't use spamd (it's an extra layer slowing
>| everything
>| >| down, so I don't use it).
>| >|
>| >What is triggering SA then?
>| >
>| >When I comment the line below
>| >
>| >Use SpamAssassin = yes
>| >
>| >I'm a bit confused now.
>| SpamAssassin is basically just a big function library. If you
>| want to call it slowly, you use the "spamd/spamc" front end
>| to it. If you want to call it really slowly, you use the
>| "spamassassin" shell script. If you want to call it quickly,
>| you just call the function library directly. There's nothing
>| to "trigger", it's just a function call into the library.
>So the big word is "Hash it out" and it'll still be checked by some sort
>of SA?
>What I'm doing now is twice the that correct?

If you have set "Use SpamAssassin = yes" and you also have spamd/spamc
being called by procmail or some other setup, then you are doing it twice.
Just running spamd doesn't automatically pick up mail, it's just a daemon
providing service to the "spamc" client which part of your message delivery
system may be calling. MailScanner makes no use of spamd and it does not
need to be running for MailScanner to work.

>You never fail to amaze me Julian.

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