piet.bos p.bos at LAKE.XS4ALL.NL
Mon Jan 19 21:32:08 GMT 2004

| At 21:20 19/01/2004, you wrote:
| >|
| >| MailScanner doesn't use spamd (it's an extra layer slowing
| everything
| >| down, so I don't use it).
| >|
| >What is triggering SA then?
| >
| >When I comment the line below
| >
| >Use SpamAssassin = yes
| >
| >I'm a bit confused now.
| SpamAssassin is basically just a big function library. If you
| want to call it slowly, you use the "spamd/spamc" front end
| to it. If you want to call it really slowly, you use the
| "spamassassin" shell script. If you want to call it quickly,
| you just call the function library directly. There's nothing
| to "trigger", it's just a function call into the library.

So the big word is "Hash it out" and it'll still be checked by some sort
of SA?
What I'm doing now is twice the that correct?

You never fail to amaze me Julian.

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