Listing MailScanner on Sourceforge and the OpenProtect software project

Matthias Klose doko at CS.TU-BERLIN.DE
Mon Jan 19 20:17:03 GMT 2004

Julian Field writes:
> >Secondly, is there a reason that MailScanner is not posted on
> >SourceForge?  I believe it would greatly increase the audience of
> >MailScanner, and be highly beneficial to the project overall (more
> >users).  I have created a project on SourceForge and it is painless.  Any
> >thoughts on this?
> Yes, I must get around to it. I'll try to remember to do it tomorrow. I
> don't want to host any content on SourceForge, I just want the bare project
> details posted there.

don't forget to enable the bug tracking system ;-) that would be
better than searching the mailing list.


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