OT: Advice please

Jody Cleveland cleveland at WINNEFOX.ORG
Sat Jan 17 19:11:31 GMT 2004


> Robin M. wrote:
>>On Thu, 15 Jan 2004, Gareth Campling wrote:
>>>Is this availble for download. ? :o)
>>I can make it available for you. Do you need the whole package. I
>> have
>>compiled everything into rpm format including MailScanner, apache,
>> postfix
>>cyrus, ldap etc etc to install into a chrooted environment. It is
>> kinda
>>rought around the edges right now but it is very stable multi-domain
>>Email me off list.
> I would also LOVE to see a package like this. I have been charged with
> converting a 300 user Domino inotes system into 'a Linux based
> solution'. But i am really stuglling trying tie all these different
> apps
> together - more importantly i want it to use Win2k AD for
> authentication, i use a perl script to query the AD and retrieve the
> email addresses and use this to build an access list in Postfix - what
> i
> want postfix/courier/cyrus to do for new users is to see if it has
> ever
> recieved mail for user X before, if not then create the mail folders.
> maybe i could adapt your package to do this? do you use AD at all, or
> only openldap?

Jody Cleveland
(cleveland at winnefox.org)

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