How do i prevent this? {Scanned}

SW wppiphoto at
Fri Jan 16 21:14:43 GMT 2004

Hi folks,

Thanks to all for the help everyone has offered in the past!!! But, I'm
trying to figure out why the following spam e-mail is still coming through.
I have disabled 'Bayes' per the request of Julian (Thank you for all of your
help, Julian) which was getting poisned. I have added all the available rbls
(non-paying ones) to my Mailscanner.conf file and I'm just wondering what is
causing the e-mail to get a negative score?

Here is the header info.:

X-Symantec-TimeoutProtection: 0
Return-Path: <ECain at>
Received: from ([])
 by (8.10.2/8.10.2) with SMTP id i0G9Y0A07950
 for <postmaster at>; Fri, 16 Jan 2004 04:34:02 -0500
Received: from by; Thu, 15 Jan 2004 22:28:59
X-Habeas-SWE-1: winter into spring
X-Habeas-SWE-2: brightly anticipated
X-Habeas-SWE-3: like Habeas SWE (tm)
X-Habeas-SWE-4: Copyright 2002 Habeas (tm)
X-Habeas-SWE-5: Sender Warranted Email (SWE) (tm). The sender of this
X-Habeas-SWE-6: email in exchange for a license for this Habeas
X-Habeas-SWE-7: warrant mark warrants that this is a Habeas Compliant
X-Habeas-SWE-8: Message (HCM) and not spam. Please report use of this
X-Habeas-SWE-9: mark in spam to <>.
From: "Davis Roberson" <ECain at>
Reply-To: "Davis Roberson" <ECain at>
To: postmaster at
Date: Thu, 15 Jan 2004 18:29:59 -0300
X-Mailer: PocoMail 2.61 (1049) - Licensed Version
MIME-Version: 1.0
Content-Type: multipart/alternative;
X-Priority: 5
X-WPPi-MailScanner-Information: Please contact WPPi for more information
X-WPPi-MailScanner: Found to be clean
X-WPPi-MailScanner-SpamCheck: not spam, SpamAssassin (score=-4.039,
 required 4, BIZ_TLD 0.78, GAPPY_SUBJECT 1.32, HABEAS_SWE -8.00,
 HTML_50_60 0.18, HTML_MESSAGE 0.00, MIME_HTML_ONLY 0.10,
Subject: Want X:A:N:A:X, V:A:L:I:U:M, V:I:A:G:R:A Diet Pills any Meds?
gldiEwFoulnM {Scanned}
X-UIDL: m$[!!,1S"!!AU"!%L5"!



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