Trend's trouble with some zipfiles

Gerry Doris gdoris at
Fri Jan 16 19:52:56 GMT 2004

> I haven't seen any information on whether the latest has the problem, and
> Google-searches don't show any useful information about a "scan error
> -82". Our version is probably a couple years old, so it quite easily could
> have been fixed.
> However, in those two years, this is the first time I saw such a problem.
> I wonder if it's such a special case that it just hasn't gotten any
> recognition.  It happened specifically on some zipfiles warned to contain
> header corruption by unzip.
> Andy Schmitt

I have the latest Trend installed.  If you are able to send me one of the
problem files I'll let you know if my version of Trend has a problem.


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