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Sylvain Phaneuf sylvain.phaneuf at IMSU.OXFORD.AC.UK
Thu Jan 15 12:59:03 GMT 2004

I use MS 4.24-5, with SA 2.60 and Sophos Sweep 3.76 on RH 8. We get
about 30k messages per day and all is going fine except that I find with
MailStats that the average message delay goes up in the 100's of seconds
nearly everyday from about mid-day.

Are these delays normal?

Anyway, I thought that I would give a go at using Sophossavi and
installed SAVI-Perl version 0.15 as instructed in Julian's "MailScanner
Installation Guide - Perl SAVI Module". If I restart MS with "Virus
Scanners = sophossavi" in the conf file, Sophossavi starts well, but the
messages are delayed even more. The number of messages in rise
within a 20-30 minutes well above 500 at which point, I get nervous, I
kill MS and restart with just sophos. The maillog file doesn't show any
error messages. With the regular sophos, the number of messages in rarely goes above 50. Is what I get with sophossavi normal?

I would be very grateful for any advice.


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