R: mailscanner with sophos and postfix

Drew Marshall drew at THEMARSHALLS.CO.UK
Tue Jan 13 17:02:30 GMT 2004

And I use Postfix & MailScanner on Gentoo (I used to use it on Slackware,
also without problems). As it is only a 'home' machine I don't use Sophos
preferring Antivir and F-prot both of which are free licences for home
use. Both work fine, fast and secure on legacy kit :-). I would thoroughly
recommend this setup as they are both easy to configure. For extra spam
protection I block at SMTP (through Postfix) using the Spamhaus RBLs as
they are a fairly conservative list and then use SpamAssassin to be more
aggressive, tagging messages so as not to possibly block false positives.

Good luck!


Gioia Bastioni said:
> Hi Harvey,
> I'm currently using Postfix+MailScanner on a Slackware box with no problem
> at all, Sophos is a great Antivirus software,
> my personal experience is that all few problems I had, were only due for
> some lack of experience or attention doing it..
> and btw, for every problem I get, I found my solution here..
> there's a great number of people here that surely will able to help you if
> you might need to!
> :)
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> Oggetto: mailscanner with sophos and postfix
> Hello.
> I am new to MailScanner. I have read
> in the website that it doesn't have
> support for Postfix. But on the new
> version, there was an addendum there
> that says it has direct support for
> Postfix now. Anyone using MailScanner
> with Postfix? Any problems with doing
> so? and with Sophos too?
> Thank you
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