mailscanner with sophos and postfix

Henry Harvey thisismyphlist at YAHOO.COM
Tue Jan 13 15:24:58 GMT 2004

Oh, btw, my machine is a Mandrake 9.0
box. Any feedback on that?

Sorry for being so paranoid but I just
wanted to gather as much feedback as I
could before doing the actual install. Thank you.

> Should work just fine. There are some docs on
> setting it up with Postfix at
> Get the latest beta release, as I have hopefully now
> sorted the last of the
> Postfix problems.
> >  and with Sophos too?
> Sophos was the very first virus scanner it
> supported, and works fine. Get
> it working with the "sophos" setting before you
> start getting "sophossavi"
> going (which is faster). Use the "Sophos.install"
> script to install your
> copy of Sophos, don't follow Sophos's instructions.
> --
> Julian Field
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> support
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