SA userprefs

Christoph Resch mailing-oit at
Tue Jan 13 15:41:57 GMT 2004

Hi ,

i try to bring my user-specified spamassassin-rules to work (SA is run via
MailScanner. ) on a debain woody.

i defined  a whitelist_from in the ~/.spamassassin/user_prefs file of a user
(=sysop) reading:

whitelist_from  root at

i want to run the GTUBE-Spam test, with fictional the result that the
GTUBE-Mail sent by root to sysop will be whitelisted and not refused by SA .

but after running this test i get the root-mail as spam .. but shouldnt it
even been whitelisted with score a score of 1000 ??? .. should be i think !

~/.spamassassin and the file within ( user_prefs) are chmod 700

what do i have to take care of , to make use of the user-based configs
additionally to the global preferences ?

are user-sided configs deisabled by default ?

thanks for advice



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