Mail log in debug mode

Peter Bonivart peter at UCGBOOK.COM
Mon Jan 12 20:26:29 GMT 2004

That looks like the the message you get when trying to start Sendmail
with it already running. Use "chkconfig --list" to see at which
runlevels Sendmail and MailScanner are set to be started, Sendmail
should be off at all levels. Use "service sendmail stop" and then
"service mailscanner restart" to get rid of rogue Sendmail processes and
start fresh with MailScanner.

/Peter Bonivart

--Unix lovers do it in the Sun

Sun Fire V210, Solaris 9, Sendmail 8.12.10, MailScanner 4.25-14,
SpamAssassin 2.61 + DCC 1.2.21, ClamAV 0.65 + GMP

Steve Douglas wrote:
> ++++Jan 12 13:17:07 hprh sendmail[6158]: NOQUEUE: SYSERR(root):
> opendaemonsocket: daemon MTA: cannot bind: Address already in use
> ++++Jan 12 13:17:07 hprh sendmail[6158]: daemon MTA: problem creating SMTP
> socket

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