Mail log in debug mode

Antony Stone Antony at SOFT-SOLUTIONS.CO.UK
Mon Jan 12 19:57:10 GMT 2004

On Monday 12 January 2004 7:25 pm, Steve Douglas wrote:

> I am temporarily running in debug mode.  My log shows the following:
> ++++Jan 12 13:17:07 hprh sendmail[6158]: NOQUEUE: SYSERR(root):
> opendaemonsocket: daemon MTA: cannot bind: Address already in use
> ++++Jan 12 13:17:07 hprh sendmail[6158]: daemon MTA: problem creating SMTP
> socket
> Does this imply a serious error or that a good process already is using it?

Try (as root) "netstat -lp" (that's a lower case L and a lower case P).

It will tell you what program is listening on the smtp port, then you can
decide whether it's serious or not :)


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