HABEAS_SWE -8.00 score

Matt Kettler mkettler at EVI-INC.COM
Mon Jan 12 18:57:43 GMT 2004

At 11:26 AM 1/12/2004, Gerry Doris wrote:
>It seems like the entire internet got hit with the latest viagra habeus
>forged spam.
>Personally, I believe the SpamAssassin folks messed up badly by scoring
>these habeus jokers with a -8.  I've now set the scoring for habeus at 0.
>They apparently claim they will sue anyone forging their name...I'm afraid
>if I hold my breath I'm turn blue and die waiting.

Reducing the score to 0 seems reasonable to me, but to call Habeas "Jokers"
is uncalled for and a grossly uneducated knee-jerk reaction at the absolute

In 2003, Habeas successfully sued Dale Heller. They also settled with Avalend.

They are no joke whatsoever.. They have, and likely will continue to,
successfully sue infringers as they pop up.

However, I've always been skeptical of -8 as a score for habeas.. It's a
bit strong for my liking...

  But then again, that makes it tempting for spammers to try to abuse and
makes them a fat target for a lawsuit with good success.

Probably the best way to eliminate spammers is to tempt them to do
something sufficiently illegal that they get sued into the ground or jailed.

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