HABEAS_SWE -8.00 score

Gerry Doris gdoris at ROGERS.COM
Mon Jan 12 16:26:51 GMT 2004

On Mon, 12 Jan 2004, Stephen Swaney wrote:

> The piece of spam below was not caught by SpamAssassin - apparently because
> it contained X-Habeas-SWE* lines in the header, it received a HABEAS_SWE
> -8.00 score from SpamAssassin. 
> I’m seeing more and more of this type of Spam and will probably disable any
> HABEAS minus scoring as a result.
> The Spam (stripped of HTML:

It seems like the entire internet got hit with the latest viagra habeus 
forged spam.

Personally, I believe the SpamAssassin folks messed up badly by scoring 
these habeus jokers with a -8.  I've now set the scoring for habeus at 0.  
They apparently claim they will sue anyone forging their name...I'm afraid 
if I hold my breath I'm turn blue and die waiting.


"The lyfe so short, the craft so long to learne"  Chaucer

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