ANNOUNCE: Unstable release 4.26-4 released (harping)

Julian Field mailscanner at
Sat Jan 10 17:24:14 GMT 2004

Try it again with the new file. I don't see how on earth you ever got an
error about a - in line 4. There isn't one.
However, to keep you all happy I have changed the version numbering scheme
for you. I still don't understand all the fuss, I have never seen anything
fail from using the version numbering system I used. But I'm fed up with
the argument :-)

At 17:05 10/01/2004, you wrote:
>On Fri, 9 Jan 2004, Robin M. wrote:
> >
>Sorry if this seems like harping.
>A couple of people have said they do not get any errors with using rpm and
>the current version scheme.
>This is the error I get when building an rpm with the current version
>[hosting /opt/RPM/SPECS]# rpmbuild -ba MailScanner.spec
>error: line 4: Illegal char '-' in version: Version:        4.25-14
>Exit 1

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