Not Virus Scanning Some Domains

Kyle Harris lists at TRCINTL.COM
Fri Jan 9 00:28:03 GMT 2004

I have several domains that are covered by MailScanner, some have virus
scanners and some don't.  Easy enough to handle using a rule for the Virus
Scanning variable.  However, I have noticed that this variable also turns
off other things (as is stated in the docs).  One example is that it turns
off MailScanner's ability to mark scanned message with "{Scanned}" at the
beginning of the subject.  There are others, but I'll use that as an
example.  I found what I thought was a work around for this in the FAQ
located at

For some reason, I can't get this to work.  Here is what I have:
Virus Scanning is turned on.  Then I
created /etc/MailScanner.filename.all.conf that contains:
    allow    .    -    -    (tabs, not spaces)
In MailScanner.conf I have Filename Rules
= /etc/MailScanner/rules/filename.rules.  That file contains:
    To:    /etc/MailScanner.filename.all.conf
    FromOrTo:    default    /etc/MailScanner/filename.rules.conf
This is pretty much as the FAQ says, however, when I send the
test virus to someone at it flags it as a virus and removes it
instead of letting it pass?  As I understand it, this is not what should
happen.  In MailScanner.conf it says, and I quote " . . . is used to accept
or reject file attachments based on their name, regardless of whether they
are infected or not".  What am I missing?

By the way, the File Command is blank in MailScanner.conf so I shouldn't
have to worry about that.

If anyone knows of a better way of disabling Virus Scanning but keeping ALL
the other features of MailScanner, please let me know.

Thanks much in advance.

I know it would be easier to just enable Virus Scanning for all domains,
but in the corporate world sometimes what is easiest is not always possible.

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