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Tue Jan 6 23:07:04 GMT 2004

At 21:20 06/01/2004, you wrote:
>Is there a setting, probably is but I'm having trouble finding it right now,
>where I can set the maximum size for a message to be scanned.  ie. if the
>message is larger than 64k it would just pass through the scanner to the
>recipient without being scanned?  If such asetting exists, can there be 2
>settings? one for virus scanning and the other for SPAM?
>SPAM is genreally a small email, whereas I would like to have everything
>scanned for virii...  I think bypassing spam scans on larger files will have
>a significant improvement on my server load...

The only size-dependent thing in the spam scanning is the SpamAssassin
tests, and there is already a configuration option to set the maximum size
of the data passed to SpamAssassin.
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