Re: Bug#225825: mailscanner: Proofread Spanish messages (forwarded from Fernando J. Rodríguez (Herr Groucho))

Mariano Absatz mailscanner at LISTS.COM.AR
Mon Jan 5 19:11:33 GMT 2004

FWIW, and since I made a large part of the Spanish translation, I'm 
perfectly fine with the proposed patches... (in fact, I think I posted a 
patch to change "puntuación" into "puntaje" some time ago).

However, I think the word "spam" shouldn't be capitalized... IIRC, this 
has been discussed here (and in lots of mailing lists) in order to keep 
it consistent with

I see that the English version is lowcase also.


El 2 Jan 2004 a las 12:31, Matthias Klose escribió:

> please find attached a patch for mailscanner forwarded from the Debian
> BTS.

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