Problems writing to exim4's input directory after mail has been processed

Carsten Aulbert carsten at WELCOMES-YOU.COM
Mon Jan 5 11:05:37 GMT 2004

Julian Field wrote:

> I guess I should make it create all these directories at startup if they
> don't already exist. What is the complete list of directories needed? 0-9
> and a-z or A-Z or A-F or a-f or...?

I just did a small test and exim4 seems not to like subdirectories under
input too much, at least it gets rid off them any time a queue run occurs.

Do you know why MailScanner tries to write the files into such subdiretories
instead of placing them plainly into the input directory for the outgoing exim4?

Test today:
Could not open file >/var/spool/exim4_out/input/v/1AdSMv-0003NV-2K-D: No
such file or directory

Is this subdirectory necessary for any other client?

Sorry, for not being of much help right now


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