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At 09:18 AM 1/2/2004, you wrote:

>That's it. In the SA config file for MailScanner DCC is on by default so
>it should just kick in. Check your logs for it.

You'll will need to configure the Score for DCC and the message count.

score DCC_CHECK 3.7
dcc_path /usr/local/bin/dccproc
dcc_body_max 5
dcc_fuz1_max 5
dcc_fuz2_max 5

>Matt wrote:
>>Alright, a better question.  I am running MS and SA on a RAQ 550.  I am now
>>debating between DCC and Pyzor.  I am leaning towards DCC since it does not
>>require that I mess with Python.  Perhaps even Razor but it looks like more
>>Any pros or cons of one or the other?  Do not want the trouble of installing
>>and maintaining both at this time.


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