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kfliong kfliong at WOFS.COM
Fri Jan 2 01:55:05 GMT 2004

yeah..sorry for the mess. I was a last effort for me to battle spams when 
mailscanner was not working properly for me.

I have since re-installed mailscanner and manage to get it to work now. So, 
I have removed the authentication thingie. Thanks for your patience.

At 09:37 PM 1/1/2004, you wrote:

>At 22:08 31/12/2003, you wrote:
>>You have a hell of a lot more patience than me.
>More than me too.
>Automated responses to mailing list postings don't annoy me too much (I 
>take the "it's your loss" view). What gets me is when someone has mailed 
>me asking for my help. I spend considerable effort giving them the best 
>and most helpful response I can, and am met with an authentication 
>request. I refuse on principal to jump through all the hoops, and it means 
>I have just wasted my time and effort. If you want my help, whitelist me 
>*before* you send me the request for help. Do not expect me to jump 
>through hoops to contact you, just because you couldn't be bothered.
>The spammers will eventually write enough code to work around these 
>authentication systems (it's quite possible, just harder than they want to 
>try at the moment). So they will fall by the wayside in a year or two at 
>most. Any single defence mechanism is doomed to fail, and fail quite quickly.
>Happy New Year everyone! May it be a fruitful and happy one for all of you.
>>I've noticed a number of these subscribers with their anti-spam junk on
>>other lists recently and refuse pointblank to 'verify' myself. I really
>>don't care whether they get my mail or not and as most of them never
>>contribute in any form to the lists they are subscribed to not receiving
>>their mail is not too painful for me.
>>Happy New Year to all :)
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