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At 22:08 31/12/2003, you wrote:
>You have a hell of a lot more patience than me.

More than me too.
Automated responses to mailing list postings don't annoy me too much (I 
take the "it's your loss" view). What gets me is when someone has mailed me 
asking for my help. I spend considerable effort giving them the best and 
most helpful response I can, and am met with an authentication request. I 
refuse on principal to jump through all the hoops, and it means I have just 
wasted my time and effort. If you want my help, whitelist me *before* you 
send me the request for help. Do not expect me to jump through hoops to 
contact you, just because you couldn't be bothered.

The spammers will eventually write enough code to work around these 
authentication systems (it's quite possible, just harder than they want to 
try at the moment). So they will fall by the wayside in a year or two at 
most. Any single defence mechanism is doomed to fail, and fail quite quickly.

Happy New Year everyone! May it be a fruitful and happy one for all of you.


>I've noticed a number of these subscribers with their anti-spam junk on
>other lists recently and refuse pointblank to 'verify' myself. I really
>don't care whether they get my mail or not and as most of them never
>contribute in any form to the lists they are subscribed to not receiving
>their mail is not too painful for me.
>Happy New Year to all :)
> >
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>Blacknight Solutions
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