MailScanner -4.22-5+Postfix - 2.0.18-20040122 + SpamAssassin-2.63-1 on RedHat9.0 100% cpu consumtion by Mailscanner !!!

Csillag Tamás cstamas at
Sun Feb 29 16:05:48 GMT 2004


I had the same problem.

At last I was able to solve the problem. (using the hold queue)
But later I realized that the mailscanner model (modifying the queue
files directly) cannot live with the fast development of postfix.

In postfix 2.1 the qmgr (the queue manager) changes completely.
(maybe this is true for your version too?
ls /var/spool/postfix*/corrupt)
The current mailscanner cannot deal with this new qmgr.

I think the scenario is the following:
1. postfix receives a letter
2. writes to a queue file
3. client disconnects and postfix put executable bit on the received queue file.

I think mailscanner starts the scanning after 2 and before 3 that cause
the problem.
Try to:
1. stop mailscanner
2. receive a mail and
3. start mailscanner after.
It will work perfectly! (at least worked for me)

So I decided to use the 'postfix interface'
(In this case postfix sends the mails to another port where a content
fileter listens and waits for the filtered content on another port)

Read my letter sent to the postfix list:

Any ideas?

On 02/25, Gandalf .29 .P wrote:
> Hello All ,
> I am sitting infront of my server breaking my head why MailScanner consumes
> 99%-100% CPU when started ????
> My System Is Running :
> 1) RedHat 9.0
> 2) Perl v-5.8.0 from distro RPM !
> 3) Postfix build 2.0.18-20040122 from + TLS patch
> 4) MailScanner 4.22-5 from MailScanner website installed from their install
> script .
> 5) SpamAssasin-2.63-1 rpm .
> I followed the Postfix+MailScanner Procedure as described in the postfix
> website under addon software MailScanner link and my postfix is runnnig
> chrooted on /var/spool/postfix .
> The problem is every time I activate the postfix+mailscanner setup which
> includes all the steps mentioned in the mailscanner howto , mailscanner
> starts postfix incoming queue + outgoing and itself while initating
> mailscanner through perl .
> Every time I run top I see the mailscanner process taking 99% of my CPU { I
> didn't mention but I am running a P4 machine + 256MB RAM with
> apache+webmail application} until the machine hangs !!!!
> If I get the chance to kill MailScanner processes everything gets back to
> normal and the cpu is 99% idle most of the time .
> I didn't commit any special changes to MailScanner.conf , I am just using f-
> prot and very much want to use the postfix-MailScanner-SpamAssassin
> combination .
> I will be very happy to get some help solving my problem ....
> Thanks in advance ,
> Gandalf .29 .P


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