Queued messages ?

Max Kipness mkipness at GENIANT.COM
Wed Feb 25 16:17:02 GMT 2004

Anybody have any suggestion for this problem??




Hope this isn't too off topic. I does have to do with MailScanner.


I'm relaying several email domains to several servers and have extended
the 4 hour and 4 day warning and bounce back times in sendmail to 2
weeks. This is do to a client that is going through weekend power
outages at the moment.


I now have roughly 2000 emails in the queue, 95% of them have <> as the
sender. This also do to the fact that I am sending spam warning messages
to senders, and must do this for false-positives.


I was thinking of creating a script that parses the results of mailq and
deletes every email with <> as the sender on a daily basis.


Any thoughts on this? Pros and cons? Has anyone done this? Or is there
anything in MailScanner that helps with this?




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